Trenchless Sewer Lining  (CIPP)  Pipe Lining

Trenchless Pipe Lining

No Digging / Trenchless Sewer Repair... Trenchless Pipe Lining saves you time, money and hassle. When your sewer lines go's bad, lining your pipe is a money saving, mess free alternative to digging them up and replacing them.

Sectional Point Repair

Imagine a surgeon inserting a stent into a heart artery. These stents enable weak arteries to continue flowing normally and prevent the heart from future problems. Much like a stent, PipePatch’s proactive approach provides a structural point repair within a pipe. When compared to digging or lining an entire pipe, the PipePatch No Dig system only repairs areas that require rehabilitation—saving time, investments, materials and hours of labor. PipePatch is able to efficiently make multiple repairs, remain environmentally friendly and may only require as little as one factory trained installer by utilizing trenchless technology. As infrastructure constantly requires maintenance, a point repair is the number one solution for structurally rehabilitating pipes, allowing customers to allocate their time, funds and resources elsewhere.

Drain Lining